Ramadan 2022

As-salamu Alaikum

Ramadan is upon us and during this precious month when the rewards of giving are multiplied, we would like to ask for your help to provide food and gifts to children and families who are struggling with poverty in Bangladesh. Many of these families have either been struggling with poverty or affected by disaster therefore rely on our packages to provide them relief during the blessed month Ramadan.


This Ramadan we will be running and raising for 3 projects. We hope that you will join us to help support as many people as possible Insha-Allah.

Project 1 

Iftar for Orphans & Disadvantaged children: £100 per day

Alhamdulillah, once again during Ramadan 2022 we will be running a couple of projects that have helped vulnerable groups such as orphans and families struggling with poverty.

Allhamduliah last year in our Ramadan 2021 project AyaanJM Trust was able to provide over 1,830 iftar meals to children that are either orphans or come from deprived backgrounds at 7 different Orphanages and Madrasha (boys and girls). This included around 400 iftar boxes that were distributed to vulnerable individuals on the street and in villages.

By donating £100 you will provide a lovely, warm traditional iftar meal, including dessert and drink for approximately 70 orphans / disadvantaged children per day.

Project 2 

Family Food Parcels – £35 – £55 per Family

Each food package costs £35 for a small family (4-5) and £55 for a bigger family (5+). The package contains around 20 essential items (see list below). Along with the food package each family received cash £5-£10 towards buying fresh fruit/vegetables/meat of their liking. The contents for each food pack may slightly vary depending on the size of the family. However, each package has been generously packed with 20 items to make sure each family has enough food to last them the whole Ramadan Insha’Allah.
The typical contents of each Large food pack are:

  • 50kg Large bag of Rice
  • 2kg musuri Daal
  • 3kg kasari Daal
  • 4kg chickpeas
  • 5L cooking Oil
  • 5kg potatoes
  • 5kg Onions
  • 1kg Milk
  • 2kg Sugar
  • 250gm tea
  • 1kg Garlic
  • 1kg Salt
  • 1 packet drink powder.
  • 500gm chilli powder
  • 500gm Turmeric (Holud) Powder
  • 500gm Coriander powder
  • 4 packet Semai ( Vermicelli)
  • 2kg flour
  • 1 packet Dates
  • £5-10 cash for veg/fruit etc.

Project 3 

Sadaqah Jariyah Project

Ayaan Jamia Masjid

In memory of our beautiful Ayaan please join us on this journey to build a masjid in Bangladesh and gain continuous charity (Sadaqah Jariyah ) by donating towards this cause. Alhamdulillah, so far we have raised nearly £37,000. We still need to raise another £43,000 to complete the project Insha’Allah.
By giving even a small donation, you can be part of an amazing project that will help us provide locals and travellers a place to pray and have access to fresh clean water Insha’Allah.