“Those in whose wealth there is a recognised right for the needy and the poor” (Qur’an 70:24-25)


Ramadan is upon us, a time for piety and self reflection as we commemorate the revelation of the Quran and increase in good deeds as much as possible, Insha-Allah.

This Ramadan we will be running a couple of projects and hope that you will join us to help support as many people as posibble Insha-Allah.

Each project aims to help a vulnerable group; an orphanage (Khalispur Mahmuda Afruz orphanage in Moulvibazar) as well as families struggling with poverty.

In order to support these groups we will be using locally sourced vendors who support small, local businesses and who’s businesses are the sole income to support their family.

Our aim is therefore to support the whole community including small businesses who have suffered an extremely difficult year.

The money raised will be used towards the following projects:

1) Iftar for local orphanage which would cost £100 per day for 70 children.

2)Provide food packages to a local needy families to last the whole month of Ramadan which will cost £35-£55 per box depending on size of the family.

3)Provide Eid clothes to the 70 children at the orphanage which will cost us approximately £550 for 70 kurta salwar suits.

Clothes will be made to measure for the individual child using local tailors who will also benefit from your donations.

Once we have the total donations made we will be able to update how many food packages and how many days of iftar will be provided .

For this particular project we are accepting Zakat* and Fidyah* donations.

Zakat is a form of giving and an obligatory pillar of Islam. Zakat is a religious duty for all Muslims who meet the necessary criteria of wealth. Zakat money is given to the poor and needy who have little or nothing.

Fidyah is the Islamic name for the obligatory charitable contribution made when you cannot fast either through illness, old age or pregnancy and should only be made if you cannot make up your fasts at a later date. For each day you have missed you are required to feed one poor person twice a day.

The Fidyah amount for 2021 is £5 per day where a fast has been missed, and this equates to £150 for the entire month. This will provide an individual living in poverty with two nutritious meals. Our project will Inshaa-Allah help facilitate this procedure with your Fidya donations.

100% of your donation will go towards each project. We also provide updates throughout project.

As always we are so grateful to be given the means to do this and we thank you for all the support you are showing us. May Allah accept your good deeds and reward you all immensely, Insha-Allah.

JazakAllah Khair

“Whoever helps break the fast of a fasting person will have the same reward as the one [who fasted] without decreasing anything from the reward of the fasting person,” (Hadith, Tirmidhi).

Alhamdulilah with the grace of Allah Ayaan JM Trust have managed to distribute food packages to 40 families, each package containing essential items such as rice, flour, oil, lentils, chickpeas etc. Along with the food package each family has been given £12 cash to contribute towards buying fresh fruit and vegetables of their liking.

Many of the families we have reached have either been struggling with poverty and or affected by disaster therefore rely on our packages to provide them relief during this blessed month.

Running this project has enabled all those involved, from those who have kindly donated or shared our projects to our dedicated team and local suppliers in Bangladesh the opportunity to share the blessings of the holy month with these families. May Allah reward all those involved who have made this possible.

It is not too late to still donate towards our project as we will be distributing packages and feeding orphanages throughout Ramadan Insha’Allah.

The Team

Meet our dedicated team of volunteers based in Bangladesh whom without, the distribution of the Ramadan food packages would not have been possible. These are all individuals who are in some way connected to our beautiful boy Ayaan.

Tanjim Hussain, Sujel Miah , Jiyad Hussain, Belal Hussain, Mamun Islam, Samad Miah, Joblu Hussain, Suyeb islam, Dulal hussain, Royel Hussain, Minar Hussain, Ruman Hussain and Abed Miah thank you so much. We are so touched and feel blessed that you have given your time towards this project for our Ayaan. May Allah reward you all immensely for this huge task that with Allahs blessing and your hard work was a success.

“And whoever volunteers good, then indeed Allah is appreciative and knowing” (Quran 2:158)

JazakAllah khair to everyone who has donated towards the food package distribution. Many of the families we have reached have either been struggling with poverty and or affected by disaster therefore rely on our packages to provide them relief during this blessed month.

Each food package cost £55 per food box. Package contain around 22 essential items (see list below). Along with the food package each family received cash £12 towards buying fresh fruit/vegetables/meat of their liking.

The contents of each food pack may slightly vary depending on the size of the family. However, each package have been generously packed to make sure each family have enough food to last them the whole Ramadan Insha’Allah.
The typical contents of each food pack are:

50kg Large bag of Rice
2kg musuri Daal
3kg kasari Daal
4kg chickpeas
5L cooking Oil
5kg potatoes
5kg Onions
1kg Milk
2kg Sugar
250gm tea
1kg Garlic
1kg Salt
1 packet drink powder.
500gm chilli powder
500gm Turmeric (Holud) Powder
500gm Coriander powder
4 packet Semai ( Vermicelli)
2kg flour
1 packet Dates
1 Packet soap
£12 cash for veg/fruit/fish etc

As part of Ayaan Jamia Masjid pledge to support local businesses, economies, and trade, all ingredients are sourced locally within respective local retainers.

Iftar orphans and the needy 1

Alhamdullilah with the grace of Allah our journey into feeding the orphanages has started. We wanted to initiate this earlier during the first week of Ramadan, however due to lockdown in Bangladesh it was very difficult to arrange anything, needless to say Alhamdulilah we were able to start this in the end.

For our first day we visited Khalishpur Mahmuda Afruz Orphanage (Atimkana) complex  in Moulvibazar. This will be one of orphanages we intend to feed on several days during this Ramadan. We will be also feeding several other orphanages this week Insha’Allah.

The food distributed was a traditional bengali iftar that many bengalis across the globe eat during iftar and for special occasions. The menu consisted of:

Today’s Menu:

1.Chicken pulab
3.Piyaju (onion and lentil pakora/fritters)
4.Potato Chop (lightly seasoned and spiced corquette)
5.Beguni (Aubergine pakora/fritters)
6.Vegetable pakura
7.Date (kejur)
8.Mango Drink
9. Chom chom( Dessert)

Thank you to everyone who donated to make this a sucesss, and to our amazing volunteering team in Bangladesh who cordinated the entire logistics. The food was thoroughly enjoyed by the children at the orphanage and each child passed on their heartfelt thanks and appreciation.

We will be distributing more iftar this week Insha’Allah.

“Blessed is the wealth of a muslim from which he gives to the poor, the orphans and to needy travellers ” – Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

( note; we have obtained full permission to take pictures and share these on our public platforms)

iftar update 2

Alhamdulillah by the grace of Allah and your support Ayaan JM Trust has provided 477 iftar meals this week to children that are either orphans or come from deprived backgrounds. The Orphanages (atimkana)/ Madrasa that we have provided iftar to include;

> Shompasi necharul Quran eidgha hafizia Madrasa & Orphanages (atimkana), Moulvibazar

> Mirpur Hussainia aribiya madrasha & Orphanages Kazirbazar, Moulvibazar.

> Jamia islamia raypur mamrokpur, Madrasa & Orphanage, Moulvibazar.

> Khalishpur Mahmuda Afruz Orphanage (Atimkana) complex , Moulvibazar

Insha’Allah we will continue to provide iftar to these places until the end of Ramadan, Alhamdulillah. The iftar dishes consist of various traditional bengali iftar that are enjoyed by many during Ramadan.

Once again thank you to everyone who has donated thus far, and thank you for the donations we continue to receive towards making this a sucesss.
We also want to especially thank our amazing volunteer team in Bangladesh who have been working extremely hard in 35-39 degrees heat ☀️ while fasting themselves Alhamdulillah.
May Allah (Swt) continue to bless you all and your families abundantly for all your time and hard work.

Hello this is Rakib who is 10 years old. He wanted to sing this nasheed for you as a thank you for his wonderful iftar today! Masha’Allah ☺️💜
JazakAllah khair and we hope everyone has / had a lovely iftar today Insha’Allah.😌


World is beautiful,
Sky is beautiful,
Land is beautiful,
Air is beautiful,
Everything is beautiful,
I Don’t know how beautiful you are Allah.
I Don’t know how beautiful you are Allah.

Alhamdulillah with the grace of Allah (Swt) we were able to provide 176 large Iftar boxes at todays village Iftar distribution.

Alongside our Ramadan appeal, whilst our team distributed food packs to villages and orphanages at the start of Ramadan it came to our attention that a lot of the local villages surrounding these areas had been hugely affected by the pandemic. These are individuals who are already suffering with poverty, doing small jobs here and there in order to survive. Alhamdulillah as we have had additional donations coming in where individuals have expressed that they are happy for us to use in any way to help the poor, we decided to provide iftar to these families.

Each iftar box that was distributed contained:

1.Chicken fulab
2.Chickpea stirfry
3.Piyaju (lentil pakora)
4.Vegetable pakora
5.Date (kejur)
6.Drink (500ml)
7. Firni ( Desert)

This iftar distribution would not have been possible without the additional donations that we have recieved. We wanted to thank each and everyone of you for your generosity and also for sharing our projects far and wide.
As always our dedicated team in Bangladesh have worked endlessly in hot humid weather whilst fasting. Without them this project would not have been possible. May Allah accept our efforts.