About Us

Ayaan JM Trust was founded by Jamal and Nargis Hussain after loosing their son Ayaan at the age of 13. Losing their beautiful son was a tremendous shock and their lives had been altered forever. They still wake up every morning with a broken heart and the feeling of intense grief and sorrow for losing someone so valuable and irreplaceable. Ayaan’s parents wanted to honour their sons memory by dedicating their lives in building a Charity Trust in his name to represent the person he was. ​

Ayaan JM Trust operates at a 100% donation policy and our primary objective is:​

To build a Mosque in Bangladesh to provide a safe environment for local residents and travellers to worship, pray and contemplate as well as host events such as Eid and Ramadan Prayers. The Mosque will also become a community hub and provide opportunities for learning and development to help enhance skills and build capabilities of local residence. ​

To provide relief to those in need, such as individuals afflicted with financial hardship, natural disaster, lack of access to clean water and food as well as living in poor conditions. We aim to rebuild where possible. ​

And finally, we aim to raise awareness around renewable energy through the community hub​


Ayaan JM Trust appointed 5 trustees who work on voluntary basis for AJM. Our trustees are not paid by Ayaan JM Trust any personal expense is covered by their own finances outside of Ayaan JM Trust. This is to ensure that we operate at a 100% donation policy. Our trustees are:​

Nargis Hussain – Founder and Managing Director responsible for overseeing all fundraising activities and social media presence​

Jamal Hussain – Founder and AJM Secretary, responsible for dealing with the day to day operations​

Moynul Islam – Oversees Liaison Director, responsible for managing procurements contracts oversees ​

Shakila Kaya – Financial Director responsible for AJM finances​

Nadira Akther Reme – Governance, Strategy and Performance Director responsible for developing policies in running AJM.