About Ayaan


16/11/2006 – 27/06/2020

Ayaan was a beautiful soul and the most amazing son, brother, nephew, grandson, cousin and friend anyone could wish for.

He was very close to his sister, all his cousins, he made friends so easily and was true to each and every one of them. He supported them, guided them and made them happy. He made us happy.

Summer 2019 at the age of 12, Ayaan was diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis. Ulcerative colitis is a chronic inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in which abnormal reactions of the immune system cause inflammation, open sores and ulcers on the inner lining of the large intestine. This condition is the result of an immune system’s overactive response and causes internal flare ups. Flare ups would occur in a random way and was always unpredictable.

During this extremely difficult and emotionally challenging time we learned how incredibly brave our amazing son really was. His daily struggle with medication, his severe phobia of continuous blood tests and his ongoing stomach pains were very painful and emotionally draining for him and us. Regardless of his struggles, he would walk out in front of friends and families with a big, beautiful smile on his face. In fact, many did not even know of his condition as he would hide it so well and did not discuss it with others.

Regardless of what Ayaan was going through, he was very passionate about playing football. He was determined to continue playing football for his local club St Albans City Dragon’s FC and would rarely miss any matches or training sessions. He would go to every practice full of energy and come back exhausted yet exhilarated. He was a fiesty defender and a highly esteemed player on the team. He was respected by his teammates, and appreciated by the coaches. Summer 2019, Ayaan won Player of the season & Parent choice of the year, which we were all immensely proud of.

We are also extremely proud to say that Alhamduliah Ayaan had memorised the beautiful Surah ‘Yaseen’ the heart of the Quran and was in the process of memorising Surah ‘Mulk’. He loved to learn the Quran.

We are grateful to his Arabic teacher brother Jubaer Ahmed, for guiding and helping Ayaan understand the reward and benefits of memorising these surahs and how they will help him throughout life and hereafter.

Brother Jubaer Ahmed told us that he had always felt that there was something special about our Ayaan. At a very young age Ayaan was always curious and fascinated about Jannah (heaven), he would ask questions about what it would be like and what he would need to reach that place.

Alhamdulilah throughout his 13 years, Ayaan developed a mature understanding of life, something that we will never forget. He understood very well that his condition was a test from Allah and he would explain to me that he is aware that Allah Swt always tests the ones he loves the most. I listened to him wholeheartedly in admiration and respect of his understanding and maturity. SubhanaAllah as parents we were so proud how brave our son was and how much sabr he had. His words and watching him in pain would break us emotionally but never ever did we think his condition would become so fatal.

Alhamdulillah his strong Islamic belief and his faith in Allah is what gave him the strength to stay strong until his last breath.

Due to the covid lockdown, Alhamdulillah we as family were able to spend a lot of time together. We are so grateful to Allah swt that he had allowed us to have that special time to create lots of beautiful memories with our beautiful Ayaan.

Beginning of June Ayaan started to have a relapse. His medication was no longer effective and so we were asked to go into hospital on Thursday 11th June. Ayaan had become very weak and needed to be put on intravenous fluids.

On the morning of Tuesday June 16th, 2020, Ayaan suddenly suffered a major brain haemorrhage, a stroke which he never recovered from. Allah Ta’Ala had decided that the hereafter was better for our son than for him to be with us. Our beautiful angel took his last breath on Saturday evening, 27th June 2020.

We pray to Allah Ta’Ala to grant us all the fortitude to accept his will and the ability to prepare for the afterlife, that we will be reunited with our loved ones in peace and security In-Shaa-Allah. Allah Ta’Ala Knows Best.

Dear Ayaan,

We miss you so much that it hurts. Every second we wish you were here with us. We love you so much that our hearts ache. We are all extremely proud of you. You have taught us so much in such a short time and made a huge impact on so many lives. We feel so helpless, that for all the fatherly and motherly love; we can do nothing for you now except kind deeds and actions on your behalf.

We still can’t believe you have gone. We never got to say goodbye properly. Our beautiful boy! Our memories of you, your beautiful big smile and your cheeky giggles keep us going, they continue to walk beside us every day and help us to wake up every morning and continue with this life until we are reunited with you again In-Shaa-Allah.

Some days we find it too hard to cope and wonder why this had happened this way. You were meant to bury us, not the other way round. But in our hearts we know Allah Ta’Ala Knows Best. He knows what we do not.

We hope we will all gain strength from realising as we look back on your life, just how much of a big impact you have had on us all in the short time we knew you and what an amazing boy you are and will always be to us. We are so proud of you.

We will continue to be the best parents we can to your sister Sahar. Although our grieving process comes and goes like big waves, the memories and little reminders will always trigger great emotions. We have found great comfort by seeking help and healing in the remembrance of Allah and being strong through patience. We are convinced that if we are patient and accepting of Allah’s will, we will one day be reunited with you and all our loved ones in a better place and in a better condition In-Shaa-Allah. We will continue to seek peace, as you wished. We will not let you down. It is now our turn to make you proud.

May Allah ease our pain and comfort our hearts with his promises. We look forward to seeing you again beautiful angel when the time comes In-Shaa-Allah.


Allahuma Amin.

Amo, Baba & Sahar